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Request a Refund or Receipt
Simply enter your document number, passenger last name and go! We’ll look up your document and advise you of your refund eligibility and options. Refund requests must be submitted individually for each document in a record locator. Please note that as part of the process for requesting a refund, you must also cancel the reservation for the applicable passenger(s). This may be done in the “My Reservations” section of 

Don't know your document number?
Use the form below to find it.

Tickets Issued with AAdvantage Miles
If you have an AAdvantage Award ticket, do not use this form. To reinstate mileage from AAdvantage Award tickets, please visit the AAdvantage section of or call 800-882-8880.

Request a Refund or Receipt

Document Number
Passenger Last Name

Important Refund Notice

Refund requests are processed independently for airline tickets, baggage charges, Group 1 boarding, Express Seats and any product sold under unique form numbers.

Separate refund requests must be submitted for each different form number.

Check Your Refund Status
You can check the status of your refund online. Just enter your Ticket or Document Number or E-Ticket Confirmation/Record Locator and go!

Check Refund Status

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Refund Request
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Apply for Lost Ticket Refund
Use the Lost Ticket Application if you've lost your ticket or flight coupon. You can submit an application if the lost ticket is refundable and/or if you've purchased a replacement ticket.

For additional information, visit our
Help Page
Lost Ticket Application

Ticket Number
Passenger Last Name
Replacement Ticket
Number (if purchased)
I have reviewed and agree to the Lost Ticket Policies.

Don't know your Ticket Number?

View a Picture of a Ticket to help you locate the ticket number on printed receipts or copies you may have.

Or use the Find a Ticket Number to search for unused tickets that are less than 13 months old.
American Airlines reserves the right to review all refunds prior to final processing. Offers, policies or procedures are subject to change without notice.
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